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        On 20 June 2023, the Ministry of Health (MOH) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) awarded the tender for the Parry Avenue site intended for a private assisted living development to Pre 20 Pte. Ltd. 

Land Parcel at Parry Avenue

2.     The private assisted living development at the Parry Avenue site will help expand the range of housing-cum-care options to better cater to seniors’ diverse lifestyles, preferences and changing housing needs (see details of the site in Annex A). 

3.     Located within Rosyth Estate and in close proximity to amenities such as Serangoon North Neighbourhood Centre and Heartland Mall, the assisted living development will also be adjacent to a new neighbourhood park (to be developed by the awarded tenderer), offering a conducive environment for seniors to live independently within a mature residential neighbourhood. 

Concept and Price Revenue Tender

4.     A Concept and Price (C&P) Revenue Tender approach was adopted to ensure better alignment with the vision for the private assisted living development. Under this approach, tenderers submitted their concept proposals and tender prices separately. The concept proposals were first evaluated against a set of criteria specified in the tender, which included suitability and innovativeness of the proposed model of care, as well as quality of the proposed programmes and services. Shortlisted concept proposals then proceeded to the second stage of evaluation, which was based on price only. The site was then awarded to the tenderer with the highest bid price among the shortlisted concept proposals. 

Details of the Tender & Evaluation of Concept Proposals 

5.     The C&P Revenue Tender for the site at Parry Avenue was launched on 29 September 2022 and closed on 21 March 2023. A total of four Concept Proposals from three tenderers1 were received.

6.     All tenderers presented their proposals to a Concept Evaluation Committee (CEC). The CEC concluded that all four Concept Proposals submitted by the following tenderers had satisfied the evaluation criteria specified in the tender and recommended that they progress to the second stage of tender evaluation:

a) Evia Real Estate (I) Pte Ltd, Allium Healthcare Holdings Pte Ltd, Yuan Ching Development Pte Ltd and YK Realty Pte Ltd (Tender Ref. 8)
b) Pre 20 Pte. Ltd. (Tender Ref. 33)
c) Pre 20 Pte. Ltd. (Tender Ref. 17)
d) United Medicare Development Pte Ltd (Tender Ref. 27)

Tendered Land Price

7.     The price envelopes of the four tender submissions were opened and the details of the price bids are shown in Annex B. In accordance with the C&P Revenue Tender approach, the site was awarded to Pre 20 Pte. Ltd. (Tender Ref. 33) which submitted the highest bid of $71,988,000. 

Concept Proposal of Awarded Tenderer

8.     The Concept Proposal submitted by Pre 20 Pte. Ltd. demonstrates a comprehensive care model that provides residents of the proposed development with a continuum of care to enable them to age in place. The Concept Proposal includes a wide range of services/ programmes that can be tailored to the residents’ needs, interest, and preferences. These care and social services enable residents to live, socialise, and receive the support they require to continue living in the same community as they age and as their care needs change. The Concept Proposal also features an integrated health and social care hub that creates opportunities for meaningful interaction and social bonding. In addition, it offers a variety of communal areas that are well designed with green sanctuaries, sky terraces and activity-generating uses integrated with the future park to encourage social bonding and interaction amongst residents and with the wider community. Together, these features empower residents of the proposed development to live independently while staying connected with the wider community.

9.     Overall, the Concept Proposal by Pre 20 Pte. Ltd. is comprehensive and well-conceived in terms of its care model, programmes and services, as well as design features.

20 JUNE 2023

1 One of the tenderers submitted two Concept Proposals.

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