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     From 11 March 2022, the Ministry of Health (MOH) will cease the extended operating hours of selected Public Health Preparedness Clinics (PHPCs) and polyclinics. We thank our primary care providers for stepping up to support the national effort to cope with the clinical demand from the Omicron surge.

2.   To help spread out peak patient load at clinics and polyclinics, MOH had extended the operating hours of selected PHPCs and polyclinics from 25 February 2022 to 10 March 2022 (inclusive). As the Omicron transmission wave is showing signs of subsiding, these clinics will revert to their regular operating hours from 11 March. This will give them a much needed respite from the long operating hours.

3.   More than 655 PHPCs, of which 15 are 24-hour clinics, will still be open at various times on weekday nights and over weekends.Members of the public should first call the clinics to confirm the availability and timing of services, particularly for COVID-19 testing and vaccinations, and make appointments as needed before heading to the clinics.The public may access the latest list of PHPCs and polyclinics, and their operating hours, at

Self-Recovery under Protocol 2

4.   Individuals who have tested positive on a self-administered Antigen Rapid Test (ART) and have mild or no symptoms should self-isolate for at least 72 hours. If necessary, they can book an appointment at any Combined Test Centre (CTC) or Quick Test Centre (QTC) to do a supervised self-administered ART. If they are feeling unwell or experiencing symptoms such as persistent fever or cough, they can visit any PHPC via private transport for medical attention.

5.   Since 26 February 2022, individuals who test ART positive at the CTCs on weekends can request for a consultation with a telemedicine doctor. The telemedicine doctors will be able to provide face-to-face video consultations in their place of accommodation, and prescribe and deliver medications if need be. The testing and consultations will be funded by the Government until 20 March 2022. The booking of Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) testing and telemedicine consultation appointments on weekends at the CTCs can be made at

Do not rush to Emergency Department if it is not an emergency

6.   We appeal to individuals not to rush to a hospital emergency department (ED) unless they are experiencing an emergency. Patients who walk into EDs with non-emergency conditions, including children, may be diverted to other urgent care clinics or primary care clinics for further assessment, so as to prioritise ED resources for patients who need urgent medical care.

7.   We seek everyone’s continued effort and cooperation to do our part to preserve healthcare resources for those who need them most.

10 MARCH 2022


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