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Community Care Apartments add to range of care options for seniors

We refer to Mr Colin Loh Yoon Fui’s letter (Flats not suited for those who need permanent help with daily activities, Dec 15).

The Government has a spectrum of housing and care options to enable seniors to age with dignity as their care needs evolve over time.

The Community Care Apartments add to the range of residential and care options for seniors that are available today.

Jointly developed by the Ministry of National Development, Ministry of Health, and Housing Board, they offer seniors an affordable housing option which integrates senior-friendly design features with care services.

The services and activities offered will cater to a wide range of care needs, from the well to the moderately disabled, and aim to encourage seniors to stay active for as long as they can.

The communal spaces and activity centre within the development provide spaces for seniors to interact and participate in activities.

Seniors will also be encouraged and guided by the community manager to lead and participate in specially curated programmes, which could include Mr Loh’s good suggestion of volunteering.

We are according some priority for flat allocation to seniors with care needs, as they are more likely to benefit from the care services offered. However, the Community Care Apartments are not intended to substitute nursing home care.

Seniors who develop a high level of care or nursing needs, or who have been diagnosed with severe mental illness and/or loss of mental capacity that requires intensive support, are better suited to be cared for in a nursing home.

The operator will work with residents on their placements in a nursing home if such a need arises.

For more information on the Community Care Apartments, please visit HDB InfoWEB ( or the physical exhibition at HDB Hub.

Charlene Chang

Group Director, Ageing Planning Office

Ministry of Health

Karen Chong

Senior Director, Housing

Ministry of National Development

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