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Concord International Hospital Ordered to Temporarily Stop the Provision of Healthcare Services Due to Regulatory Lapses

26th Dec 2020

        The Ministry of Health (MOH) has ordered Concord International Hospital (19 Adam Road) to temporarily stop the provision of all healthcare services with effect from 19 December 2020, after inspections revealed that the Hospital had failed to abide by the Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics (PHMC) Act in several areas which would have an impact to patient safety.

2.      Inspections carried out by MOH on Concord International Hospital from 14 to 16 December revealed that the Hospital had several significant lapses. Multiple life-saving/ patient use equipment and medications were either not maintained or not available in the critical areas of the Hospital such as the Intensive Care Unit and the Operating Theatre. There was also a lack of quality control in the laboratory and infection control processes, which poses significant risks to patient safety and well-being.

3.    Concord International Hospital has temporarily stopped the provision of healthcare services and MOH is working closely with the Hospital to review its lapses and processes. As of 19 December, Concord International Hospital had on-going outpatient medical appointments with four patients, and there were no patients warded at the Hospital. MOH has informed Concord International Hospital to work with their medical team to review the treatment plans and ensure the proper continuity of outpatient care for these four  patients, until the Hospital has addressed all regulatory lapses and MOH has assessed that the Hospital is ready for operations again.  

4.     MOH would like to remind all private and public sector healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and clinical laboratories currently licensed under the PHMC Act, to fully comply with the Act at all times, to ensure that safety and quality of clinical care are met at all times. All licensed premises are subject to regular and ad-hoc inspections and audits to ensure compliance to the Act. MOH will not hesitate to take enforcement action against healthcare facilities that fail to comply with the relevant regulatory requirements, which may include a fine of up to $20,000 and/or a revocation of the licence.

5.     Moving forward, all healthcare facilities will be licensed under the new Healthcare Services Act from the second half of 2021. The new Act will further strengthen governance and regulatory conformance across various healthcare services to ensure continued delivery of safe care to patients in an evolving healthcare landscape.

6.      Patients who are currently seeking care at Concord International Hospital are advised to speak with their existing medical practitioners in charge of their clinical care to discuss alternative care plans at the other licensed healthcare facilities for the time being. Those who intend to seek medical care in the Hospital are also advised to do so at  alternative licensed healthcare facilities for the time being. Affected patients who have queries may also reach MOH via 

26 DECEMBER 2020

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