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COVID-19 Vaccination Channels for Overseas Singaporeans

   As part of our ongoing efforts to encourage Singaporeans who are medically eligible to be vaccinated under our national COVID-19 vaccination programme, Singapore will launch two dedicated vaccination channels to make it more convenient for Singapore Citizens based overseas to receive vaccination in Singapore.


2   Currently, returning Singaporeans from Category II-IV countries/regions will have to serve the full Stay-Home Notice (SHN) required of them, before they can receive their first dose of vaccination, followed by the second dose three to four weeks later. For Singaporeans with family and work commitments abroad, this makes it difficult for them to return to Singapore for vaccination given the long duration away from their resident countries. 


3   Our present high local vaccination rates give us the foundation to introduce two vaccination channels for overseas Singaporeans (OS) arriving via Changi Airport and Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal:


            a.         Receive the first dose upon arrival in Singapore without serving full SHN, then return to their resident country on the next available flight/ferry. Individuals can complete their vaccination regimen by repeating this process for their second dose; or


            b.         Receive the first dose upon arrival in Singapore, complete full SHN at a dedicated facility, and receive the second dose after the required dosing interval before returning to their resident country.


4   OS under Option (b) will be subject to the prevailing border measures on the pre-departure test, on-arrival testing regime as well as length of SHN based on their 21-day travel history. OS under Option (a) will also be subject to the same prevailing border measures until they depart on the next available flight/ferry. Regardless of their country/region of embarkation, the OS will be required to stay at an appointed dedicated facility where the vaccination will be offered on-site, while they are under SHN. For more information on the entry requirements to Singapore for returning Singaporeans, please visit the SafeTravel website.


5   While the COVID-19 vaccines will be provided by the Singapore Government, OS will have to bear the associated costs of returning for the vaccination, including accommodation at the designated facility, swab tests and travel expenses.


6   OS should register their interest in using either vaccination channel via Prior to travelling to Singapore, OS should obtain the relevant re-entry approvals and return flight/ferry tickets to ensure they can return to their resident countries after their vaccination. More information on the vaccination channels can be found on MOH’s FAQ page.








11 September 2021

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