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COVID-19 vaccine is suitable for those with non-severe allergies

16th Mar 2021

Persons with allergies may receive the COVID-19 vaccines, unless they have a history of any life-threatening allergic reaction, such as anaphylaxis. In addition, those who had experienced an allergic reaction after the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine will not be given the scheduled second dose.

Persons with G6PD deficiency can also receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Members of the public can refer to a list of the medical considerations on who should not be vaccinated when they are registering for an appointment on the website. Medical conditions for which COVID-19 vaccination is not recommended include history of anaphylaxis, transplant within the past three months (solid organ or stem cell), on cancer chemotherapy, immunotherapy or radiation therapy, or HIV infection with CD4

The Ministry of Health regularly updates vaccination providers of the latest guidelines on COVID-19 vaccination, including guidance on allergies with which people should not get vaccinated.

Medical personnel are deployed at all vaccination sites to assess individuals for their medical eligibility before proceeding with vaccination. They do not routinely require a doctor’s memo for vaccination. However, in order to confirm that it is safe to proceed with vaccination for a specific individual, they may seek further information to clarify the situation. Individuals may also choose to consult their treating physicians for medical advice if they have questions relating to underlying chronic medical conditions.

Based on the information provided in Mr Ragnath’s letter, he and his parents should be eligible for vaccination. We have also reached out to Mr Ragnath about this.

We will continue to work with our vaccination providers and partners to ensure the best care and service for those receiving the vaccination.

Dinesh Vasu Dash

Group Director, Crisis Strategy and Operations Group

Ministry of Health

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