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Deployment of ART Kit Vending Machine

We refer to Ms Li Feng Yin’s letter (“快速检测仪领取机位置不妥”, 7 Mar).
The Ministry of Health tries to place Antigen Rapid Test (ART) kit vending machines at locations with nearby power sources, have adequate space and are accessible to residents, and are well-lit and safe at night.
The vending machine at Block 15 Joo Seng Road has been deployed in the area since 22 January 2022. This is the first feedback that we have received concerning the siting of this machine. We have reviewed the situation and relocated the machine to an alternative location in the same block on 8 March.
We sincerely thank Ms Li for her feedback.
Mr Dinesh Vasu Dash
Group Director, Crisis Strategy and Operations Group
Ministry of Health

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