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Health Ministry does not regulate fees for unsubsidised private nursing home residents

We refer to Mr Victor Ong’s letter (Are nursing home fees reviewed by the authorities?, Dec 10).

The Ministry of Health (MOH) funds selected social service agency nursing homes and private nursing homes to offer subsidised nursing home care.

Subsidised residents of MOH-funded nursing homes are eligible for means-tested subsidies of up to 75 per cent.

Singaporeans who face financial difficulties after government subsidies may apply for MediFund to further assist them with nursing home fees. This helps keep nursing home care affordable for Singaporeans should they need it.

Private nursing homes are awarded subsidised capacities through a competitive tender process, which considers both fees and quality of services.

Fee adjustments for subsidised residents during the contractual term are subject to the ministry’s terms and conditions. Fees for unsubsidised private nursing home residents are not regulated by MOH.

MOH regularly reviews its financing schemes to ensure that long-term care remains affordable for Singaporeans.

Teh Shi-Hua
Director (Subvention), Healthcare Finance Division
Ministry of Health

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