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Operators’ concerns will be considered in implementation of nutrition label measures

We refer to the article, “Nutrition labels: Great, but how to measure it, drink sellers ask” (Aug 13).

We are heartened by the general support from food and beverage operators and consumers for the upcoming measures to reduce sugar intake from freshly prepared beverages.

We will implement the measures in a practical way, to address concerns by operators.

For example, similar to other jurisdictions that have introduced mandatory labelling, we will consider applying measures to only larger establishments at the start, while exempting smaller establishments serving freshly prepared beverages.

We will not require all establishments to use laboratory analysis to determine the sugar and saturated fat content of their beverages.

It is acceptable to grade the beverage by estimating the sugar and saturated fat content from the amount of individual ingredients added into the beverage.

We thank our industry partners for their feedback.

Chow Wai Leng (Dr)
Director, Epidemiology and Disease Control
Ministry of Health

Terence Ng
Director, Policy and Strategy Development
Health Promotion Board

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