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Patients with chronic conditions can be served at clinics

11th May 2020

We thank Mr Cheng Shoong Tat for his feedback (Can medical clinics resume replenishing patients’ medicines?, May 6).

As part of the circuit breaker measures, only business entities providing essential services are allowed to operate. For healthcare, these refer to services which, if not provided or performed, would result in significant or rapid deterioration of the patient’s medical condition, and would potentially threaten their health and well-being.
Management of patients with chronic conditions, especially those with recent relapse or poor control, is essential. Where clinically appropriate, chronic patients whose conditions are assessed to be stable could be offered alternative means of consultation and treatment, such as teleconsultations and remote prescription and delivery of medications. However, if these are not feasible, patients can continue to be served at clinics.

The refill of lotions and creams for the management of medical conditions such as eczema may continue. The refill of such products for purely aesthetic or cosmetic purposes is considered a non-essential business activity, and is not allowed during this period.

We appreciate the cooperation and support of all who are affected, and seek the public’s continued patience and understanding during this period.

Raymond Chua (Adjunct Associate Professor)
Group Director
Health Regulation Group

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