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Police Report Filed Against Singapore Emergency Ambulance Services (SEAS)

8th Feb 2021

          The Ministry of Health (MOH) has filed a Police report on the online listings of Singapore Emergency Ambulance Services (SEAS), a private ambulance service, that was found to have misrepresented multiple public and private hospitals. 

2.      MOH received feedback that the contact number “6100 6995”, which belongs to SEAS, a private ambulance operator, has been linked to search engine results purporting to be in connection with the following, but not limited to :  

i. Changi General Hospital Ambulance Service Bay;
ii. Khoo Teck Puat Hospital Ambulance Service Bay;
iii. Ng Teng Fong General Hospital Ambulance Bay;
iv. Raffles Hospital Ambulance Bay;
v. Singapore General Hospital Ambulance Service Bay;
vi. Singapore General Hospital Block 5 Ambulance Bay; and
vii. Tan Tock Seng Hospital Ambulance Service Bay.

3.      As SEAS is not endorsed or provided by the hospitals set out in the list above, and has no authorisation to operate any “ambulance service bays” or “ambulance bays” on their behalf, MOH has filed a Police report in respect of SEAS’ misrepresentations. The Police are currently looking into the matter. MOH will also consider referring the matter to the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore.

4.       To ensure the safety and safeguard the welfare of patients, MOH introduced the Voluntary Accreditation Scheme in 2018, to help operators raise their capabilities and competencies. Private ambulance operators must meet a set of standards, which include defining the core competencies, capabilities and training requirements for the ambulance crew members, as well as the essential documentation, equipment, medications, and life-saving and infection control protocols, before they come onboard the Scheme. 

5.      Should there be a need to engage private ambulance services, the public are advised to refer to the Healthcare Institutions Directory ( for the list of private ambulance operators accredited under the Voluntary Accreditation Scheme.


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