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Polyclinic in Bidadari To Be Located Along Upper Aljunied Road

      The upcoming polyclinic in Bidadari will be located along Upper Aljunied Road and developed as part of an integrated development with a nursing home to serve the needs of residents in the vicinity of the upcoming Bidadari estates. This was announced by Dr Janil Puthucheary, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Health (MOH) and Ministry of Communications and Information this morning. The new polyclinic in Bidadari is expected to be ready by 2027.

2.    The new integrated development is located near the Alkaff Lakeview HDB cluster along Upper Aljunied Road. The nearest MRT station is Woodleigh station at about 500m away. Please refer to Annex A for the location map. 

3.    The new polyclinic in Bidadari will be operated by the National Healthcare Group Polyclinics and will provide primary care services to the residents in Bidadari and surrounding estates. Services provided will include medical treatment for acute conditions, chronic disease management, women and child health services, allied health services, as well as radiological, laboratory and pharmacy services. The new polyclinic was announced at MOH’s Committee of Supply Debate in March this year.

4.    As part of primary care transformation efforts, polyclinics have introduced team-based care models to enhance chronic disease management. The polyclinic in Bidadari will likewise offer teamlet care, where patients with chronic conditions are assigned to a dedicated, multi-disciplinary care team. This facilitates continuity of care for patients, and enables a strong patient-team relationship.   

5.    Besides improving the accessibility of primary care services, MOH also aims to ensure a good spread of long term care facilities across Singapore. The nursing home to be co-located with the polyclinic will serve the needs of seniors and their loved ones, especially those living in the Central part of Singapore. Given the accessibility of the nursing home, families in the region will be able to visit their loved ones with convenience and continue to be involved in their care at the nursing home. In addition, the co-location of the nursing home with the polyclinic will facilitate synergy between the healthcare facilities through sharing of services to support seniors and polyclinic patients as their care needs evolve. 

6.    As our population ages and chronic disease burden prevalence increases, it is important that Singaporeans continue to have access to affordable healthcare and long term care in the community. MOH has been expanding the polyclinic network and capacity to strengthen our primary care infrastructure, through the development of new polyclinics and the redevelopment of existing ones. Similarly, we will continue to ensure that frail seniors with care needs and limited family support will have access to suitable long term care across the island. 

7.   Including the polyclinic in Bidadari, Singaporeans can look forward to 12 new polyclinics in the coming years – in Bukit Panjang, Eunos, Kallang, Sembawang, Tampines North, Khatib, Serangoon, Kaki Bukit, Tengah, Yew Tee and Bishan. By 2030, there will be a total of 32 polyclinics in Singapore.

19 OCTOBER 2020

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