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Preventive and chronic care at polyclinics and Healthier SG clinics will cost roughly same

We thank Mr Khong Kian Hoon and Mr Wan Chee Khoon for their letters “How do GPs’ fees factor under Healthier SG scheme?” (Nov 14), and “Unable to register at nearby polyclinic under Healthier SG” (Nov 15).

Healthier SG focuses on preventive health. Hence, scheduled health plan discussions, nationally recommended vaccinations, and health screenings will be fully funded by the Government for eligible residents enrolled in Healthier SG.  

From early 2024, Healthier SG Chronic Tier will come into effect. This means that enrolled residents holding Community Health Assist Scheme (Chas), Merdeka Generation (MG) and Pioneer Generation (PG) cards can enjoy additional subsidies for common chronic drugs at their enrolled Heathier SG private clinics. 

The prices should be quite comparable to polyclinics for the great majority of these enrolled residents.

With all this additional support under Healthier SG, the cost of seeking preventive and chronic care between polyclinics and Healthier SG private clinics should be roughly similar. Many residents in fact chose to enrol with GP clinics near their homes, because of the added convenience. 

Questions arise when it comes to acute care. The additional subsidies mentioned relate to preventive and chronic care.

However, illnesses such as flu, which Mr Khong’s wife sought treatment for at a GP clinic, are episodic acute conditions, not meant to be covered under Healthier SG.

 There are however existing subsidies for Chas/MG/PG cardholders, to defray the cost of acute care. 

Lee Yi Min
Director, Subsidy and Subvention
Ministry of Health

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