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Primary and community care the ideal setting for patients with chronic conditions

We refer to Ms Huang Jiading’s letter It is not advisable to transfer hospital queues to GP clinics (ZB, p21)

Healthier SG encourages Singaporeans to take proactive steps to lead healthier lifestyles and prevent chronic diseases. It focuses on building a trusted and lifelong relationship between residents and their chosen family doctor. These doctors may be in solo clinics or as part of a group practice. Regardless, the clinic would know the residents who are enrolled with them and have a holistic view of their health. This enables the family doctor to offer personalised recommendations and community support to adjust residents’ lifestyle habits.

These reasons make primary and community care the ideal setting for patients with chronic conditions. Although care in the hospitals may be required from time to time, the majority of us do not require such specialised services frequently.

GP clinics participating in Healthier SG are part of a Primary Care Network, which will provide support to help clinics care for patients with chronic conditions, which includes nursing and care coordinator support. GPs are also provided with care protocols to manage common chronic illnesses and preventive care. Our healthcare clusters also partner Healthier SG clinics to enable smoother referral and coordination of cases that require hospital care.


Dr Ruth Lim
Director, Primary & Community Care

Ministry of Health

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