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Rash after two weeks not an allergic reaction to COVID-19 vaccine

We refer to Dr Lai Chan See’s letter, “Skin rash appeared after first Covid-19 vaccine dose, can I go for the second jab?” (June 28).

Medical protocols are in place at all Covid-19 vaccination sites to ensure the safety of vaccinated individuals, and vaccine recipients are screened by a doctor to ensure their eligibility for vaccination.

Only those who had an allergic reaction or anaphylaxis to the first dose of mRNA Covid-19 vaccine should be prevented from taking the second dose.

As Dr Lai’s rash appeared after two weeks from his first dose and was unlikely to be an allergic reaction, it was assessed by the attending doctor on-site that it was safe for him to receive the second dose.

As Dr Lai and his family were concerned about the rash, the attending doctor suggested consulting a dermatologist to allay his concerns, and that he could return for his second dose when he was ready.

The medical service provider for the vaccination centre is reaching out to Dr Lai to advise that he is suitable to receive his second dose, similar to what was communicated to him during the appointment for his second dose. Given his condition, there is also no need for him to take a different vaccine type.

We thank Dr Lai for the feedback and urge him to complete his vaccination as soon as possible for better protection against Covid-19.

Dinesh Vasu Dash
Group Director, Crisis Strategy and Operations Group
Ministry of Health

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