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Reply to Media Queries on Social Gatherings Sizes in Phase 2 – Heightened Alert and Wedding Receptions on Sunday 16 May

Social Gathering Sizes
On 14 May 2021, MTF announced that the permissible group size of up to 5 persons for social gatherings would be reduced to up to 2 persons, and the cap of 5 distinct visitors per household per day to 2 distinct visitors per household per day.  In addition, individuals should continue to limit their overall number of social gatherings to not more than 2 per day, whether to another household, or meeting with friends and family members in a public place.
The cap of 2 persons for social gatherings is meant to minimize face-to-face interactions and reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission across different households and within the community.
We recognise that there may be occasions where members of the same household may need to move about in groups larger than two persons, especially those with young children or elderly parents in order to look after their higher care needs. These may include taking public transport, going for medical appointments, attending classes or going to work in the same vehicle.  We are prepared to be flexible in our implementation of the general rule for such bonafide cases. 
Members of the public from different households making use of public amenities such as playgrounds, fitness corners, basketball courts, etc should keep to groups of two people and maintain proper safe distancing. 
Strict enforcement measures will be taken against any breaches of the safe management measures. We also do not rule out having to close such amenities if there are persistent breaches of the measures.
We strongly urge households to observe the prevailing group size limits in public settings and venues as far as possible. The additional precautionary measures are necessary to protect Singaporeans and keep our loved ones safe. We need everyone to play their part and exercise social responsibility.
Grandfathering of weddings already arranged on Sunday 16 May
At the press conference earlier today, the Ministerial Taskforce noted that it may be very hard for couples holding their weddings this Sunday, 16 May 2021, to make changes to their plans. Hence, the Government will allow a special arrangement for couples with wedding receptions on 16 May 2021 to proceed with their receptions but subject to the conditions that only up to 100 attendees are allowed and that all unvaccinated attendees must undergo Pre-event Testing (PET). 
The tightened measures for solemnisations will continue to take effect from 16 May 2021 (i.e. up to 50 persons without PET and up to 100 with PET for all attendees).

We seek the public’s understanding that such tightened measures are necessary to contain the community transmission to keep you and your families safe.

14 MAY 2021

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