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Seoul Garden Restaurant in Tampines Mall to Suspend Operations For Breaching Safe Management Measures

5th Dec 2020

      The Ministry of Health (MOH) has ordered the Seoul Garden restaurant located in Tampines Mall (4 Tampines Central 5 #04-01 Tampines Mall) to suspend its full operations (inclusive of both dining in and take-away) for 10 days between 5 December and 14 December 2020, with both dates inclusive, after investigations revealed that the restaurant had failed to ensure safe management measures (SMMs) on its premises. 

2.     MOH commenced investigations in respect of potential breaches of SMMs upon receiving information that an individual (Case 58401 [1]) had tested positive for COVID-19 infection after having dinner with 12 other family members at the restaurant on 21 November 2020. Although the family members were seated at separate tables of up to five persons per table, investigations revealed that there had been mingling among them. The restaurant did not take reasonable steps to prevent the intermingling between tables on its premises.  

3.     Investigations against the restaurant, as well as Case 58401 and his family members are ongoing, and further enforcement action may be taken pending the outcome of investigations.   

4.    MOH will not hesitate to take enforcement action against operators and individuals who fail to comply with the safe distancing and safe management measures. Any person convicted of an offence under the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020 is liable to a fine of up to $10,000, or up to six months’ imprisonment, or to both. In the case of second or subsequent offence, to a fine not exceeding $20,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12 months or to both. 

5.     We urge everyone to continue to exercise social responsibility, and to comply with the prevailing measures. A resurgence of COVID-19 cases and clusters can easily emerge in our community if we let our guard down and become lax in adherence to SMMs.


[1] Case 58401 is a 32 year-old male Singaporean who was confirmed to have COVID-19 infection on 25 November. MOH had earlier announced this on 26 November.

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