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SG Response

Overall the Team Singapore have response well. The leaderships have shown responsibility to take COVID-19 head on. Of course things can always be better, at Report.SG we want to look at the positive that move Singapore forward in the fight with the virus outbreak.

PM Lee (LHL) have shown a steady hand in leading the country. Even when Singapore is doing well in early March, he gives no illusion that this pandemic will be a long fight.

DPM Heng who is also the finance minister provide the budget to help businesses and the general public. The pandemic is constantly evolving and the challenge is for the policy to catch up with the development. Nevertheless, he have performed admirably so far.

The leak voice recording and comment that might no be politically correct. But, he is also the guy that ensure that there is a stockpile of food available and connect with like minded nations to keep the country going. Like it or not, Mr Chan, the trade and industry minister have keep us going.  

Mr Gan Kim Yong is the health minister and he have done a good job so far. Yes, Ah Hua asked a valid question and pressed the minister for answer but please don’t hammer the wrong guy that is working hard but not outspoken. Without the health ministry forward planning, Singapore will not be able to handle the outbreak in the foreign worker dormitory. 

Yes cable was down once during the circuit breaker (CB) but Minister S Iswaran have keep the online alive.  Beside having more free  programs available during the CB, no one can ignore his beard and his outreach to the foreign workers is another plus point.

The people. We have by and large done well. Let continue to press on. Wear a face mask, if “kiasu”, wear eye protection and wear gloves. We are all front liners.

Report.SG presents the positive, there are a few other ministries that have put in the effort and we will add them on later, we are as strong as the weakest link. We need to stay positive to get through this. Stay united, Team Singapore

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