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Singapore citizens can get CareShield Life payouts even when abroad

We thank Mr Rahul Patwardhan for his letter, “Exempt those living overseas from CareShield Life contributions” (March 29).


CareShield Life is universal and mandatory for all Singapore citizens and permanent residents born in or after 1980. All Singapore citizens and permanent residents in these cohorts share collective responsibility to contribute to the risk pool.


This ensures that all those in these cohorts have basic protection for their long-term care needs should they develop severe disability and need personal and medical care for a prolonged duration, especially during old age.


Mr Patwardhan correctly pointed out that eligible Singapore citizens who live abroad permanently can apply for suspension of premium collection for MediShield Life. This is in view of MediShield Life benefits being claimable only for treatments sought in Singapore.


CareShield Life benefits are in the form of cash payouts. Unlike in the case of MediShield Life, overseas Singapore citizens can make CareShield Life claims even when abroad, and receive the payouts on top of any other insurance coverage they may have in their country of residence.


Lydia Loh

Director, Finance Policy

Ministry of Health

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