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Social responsibility key to living with COVID-19

We refer to Mr Foo Sing Kheng’s letter, “VTL rule change assumes that all travellers are civic-conscious” (Jan 24).

Civic-consciousness is central to our ability to live with Covid-19. We encourage all individuals to practise social responsibility, so as to protect themselves, their loved ones and the community.

That is the thinking behind Protocol 2, where those who test positive in the community, with mild or no symptoms, are required to isolate for at least 72 hours. They can go out if they test negative thereafter.

Likewise, under Protocol 3, close contacts of Covid-19 cases can go out only if they self-test negative, for seven days.

Recent adjustments to our border measures adopt a similar approach.

Travellers arriving on vaccinated travel lane (VTL) flights, many of whom are locals returning home, are already subjected to mandatory pre-departure and on-arrival tests.

After their arrival, they must ensure their self-administered tests are negative, if they wish to leave their accommodation or place of residence at any time during the subsequent seven days. This is similar to Protocol 3.

We will continue to review and adjust our border measures if necessary, as the local and global Covid-19 situation evolves.

Daryl Yeo
Director (Air Transport)
Ministry of Transport

Tan Wei Ming
Senior Director (Special Projects)
Ministry of Health

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