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Associate Professor Jeremy Lim, Chairman of Dover Park Hospice

Dr Seet Ai Mee, Co-founder

Dr Tony Tan, Patron

Dr Liew Li Lian, CEO

Distinguished Guests

Ladies and Gentlemen


1.            Good evening. It is my pleasure to join you this evening for Dover Park Hospice’s 30th Anniversary Sunflower Charity Gala.


2.            We are here today to celebrate and support Dover Park Hospice. As Singapore’s first purpose-built hospice, DPH has supported more than 12,000 patients and many more families and loved ones over the past 3 decades. DPH started with in-patient care and has grown to also provide home care and day care services. DPH’s home care programmes has also expanded from serving cancer patients to include those with other conditions, such as end-stage organ failure and advanced dementia.


3.            I’m glad to know that there are plans to expand as Dover Park Hospice moves to your new home at the Integrated Care Hub at HealthCity Novena later this year.




4.            Ladies and gentlemen, palliative care is key to living well and leaving well. Amidst the most challenging of circumstances, palliative care acts as a healing cloak for patients, giving them comfort and hope. This care radiates outwards to touch their families as well. Caregivers receive the support they need. Families also find solace honouring the wishes of their family members.

5.            We want to enable more people to be cloaked with care and comfort in the last stages of their lives. As our population ages and the incidence of chronic illnesses increases, the demand for palliative care will only increase.


6.            We will need many hands on deck to build a Singapore where people can live and leave well, according to their wishes. We know that 3 in 4 seniors prefer to pass on at home, according to a Lien Foundation survey.




7.            To enable this, MOH and AIC convened a workgroup to review the palliative care sector last year. The workgroup comprised practitioners, academics and partners in the sector, including individuals from DPH – Sylvia Lee an Advanced Practice Nurse, and Kay Chew Lin, a pastoral counsellor. Together, the workgroup developed a shared vision and recommendations to improve access to palliative care, improve quality and build a more supportive palliative care environment. These are outlined in the refreshed National Strategy for Palliative Care launched last month.


8.            I would like to mention 3 issues discussed by the Workgroup, which we are following up to implement.


9.            First, under the Strategy, we will need to build palliative care capabilities in healthcare professionals across all settings, to identify patients with palliative care needs earlier and better support them. I’m glad that Dover Park Hospice and other specialist palliative care providers will be lending your expertise to home medical and home nursing providers, to support them in building such capabilities.

10.         Second, we aim to provide seamless care as patients move across settings, whether it is from the hospital to the community, or in the inpatient hospice to their home. The reality is that patients’ care needs vary and may change over time. I’m pleased to know that DPH is piloting an integrated palliative care programme with Tan Tock Seng Hospital to provide care based on the specific needs of the patient. There is a single bundled rate, empowering providers to choose the right care settings for their patients and decide how they should be best transited between settings, based on their care needs. We are glad that DPH has stepped forward to test new models of care.


11.         Third, we must ensure that palliative services remain affordable. As announced last month, the Government will be strengthening financing support for the palliative care sector, such as increasing the subsidies that residents can receive for palliative care. I know that this issue of affordable care is close to DPH’s heart and DPH has been providing care to many patients, especially needy patients, at highly subsidised rates, supported by fundraising activities like today’s Charity Gala and generous donations.


12.         Let us continue to work together to enable access to palliative care and improve the quality of care.




13.         Dover Park Hospice has made immense contributions in palliative care. Your dedication and compassion enable patients to lead a meaningful and dignified life till the end.


14.         Once again, congratulations DPH on your 30th anniversary! I would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the ecosystem that supports the work of DPH, from staff and Council members, to volunteers and donors. May our collective efforts enable Singaporeans to live well and leave well, according to their wishes.


15.         I wish everyone a meaningful and enjoyable evening ahead.


Thank you.

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