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Advisers for Nee Soon GRC – Minister of State Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Ms Carrie Tan, Mr Louis Ng, and Mr Derrick Goh 
Mr Tan Tee How, Chairman, National Healthcare Group
Professor Joe Sim, Group CEO, NHG
Dr Karen Ng, CEO, NHG Polyclinics; Chief, Primary Care, NHG
Board Members of the National Healthcare Group
Ladies and Gentlemen
1. It is my pleasure to join you this afternoon at the official opening of Khatib Polyclinic, the 9th polyclinic run by National Healthcare Group Polyclinics. Congratulations to NHGP!
2. With the opening of Khatib Polyclinic, we now have 26 polyclinics nationwide and are on track to having 32 polyclinics by 2030. 
3. Polyclinics are key to our healthcare system, and the opening of this latest polyclinic is testament to our efforts to anchor care within the community.  
Greater Accessibility to Primary Care Services
4. Our polyclinics do not only treat the sick; they are instrumental in the delivery of preventive care. They strive to empower Singaporeans – seniors and the younger population alike – to take charge of their health, and are key in our ongoing efforts under Healthier SG.
5. We know that good oral health is an important component of overall health. I’m pleased that residents will be able to receive dental care closer to home, at Khatib Polyclinic. Together with dental clinics under the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS), Khatib Polyclinic will meet the primary dental needs of residents in the region.
6. In line with the emphasis on preventive health, the new Khatib Polyclinic will have a Community Plaza and Health Studio, where residents of all ages can participate in activities and learn about various ways to keep healthy. 
Providing Greater Support for Families
7. We want to better support the health and well-being of children and their families. Under the Child and Maternal Health and Well-being Strategy, we are outlining plans to adopt preventive care and enhance maternal health, and to deliver services to families within the community.
8. I’m glad that NHGP has developed programmes to support parents as they nurture and care for their young children. One notable programme which will be available at Khatib Polyclinic is EMBRACE. EMBRACE enables mothers to receive follow-up care and relevant health screenings, such as screenings for potential postnatal depression symptoms, during polyclinic visits. When they accompany their children for immunisations and childhood developmental screenings, they too receive care and support. 
9. Additionally, Khatib Polyclinic will provide lactation support services for new mothers. Nurses trained in lactation will provide encouragement and advice to support mothers in managing any breastfeeding issues that they may face.
10. To support the needs of children from low-income families and enable them to have a healthy start in life, the NHGP team also works with social and community partners, through programmes such as KidSTART.
11. This provision of holistic and integrated services strengthens the health and well-being of mother and child, and supports the family as a whole.
Ensuring our Seniors Age Well
12. Beyond caring for young families, it is essential to ensure that our seniors are provided holistic support to age well – socially, physically and cognitively. 
13. As part of Age Well SG, we are making various moves to anchor ageing in the community. AACs serve as key nodes for our seniors to stay engaged and socially active. At AACs, they have opportunities to make friends, volunteer, participate in active ageing programmes and receive support to maintain their health.
14. I would like to congratulate the team at Khatib Polyclinic for their efforts in strengthening collaborations with Active Ageing Centres in the vicinity even before the polyclinic started operations. With their partnership under the ENRICH programme, elderly patients who visit Khatib Polyclinic can be connected to AACs close to their homes and suitable programmes in the community.
15. Take the example of Mdm Goh Soo Kheng, a 86 year old Khatib resident. With the opening of Khatib Polyclinic, she can now visit the polyclinic for her chronic medical needs and pop over to Goodlife Studio Yishun AAC to mingle with friends and participate in craftwork. Together, this support embedded in the community will support Mdm Goh in managing her health conditions and keeping socially engaged and happy in her silver years.
Creating Seamless Care Journeys with Technology
16. Over the years, more patients have been opting for telemedicine, as they find it more convenient than face-to-face consultations with doctors. As a new polyclinic, Khatib Polyclinic is leveraging telemedicine to bring care into the community, and right into the homes of patients. Offering a suite of telehealth services for both preventive and chronic consultations. 
17. For instance, Khatib Polyclinic will be offering Tele-Dietitians for paediatric patients. Through video consultations, dietitians can observe parents, grandparents and caregivers with their children during mealtimes. Dietitians will be able to intervene in real time, providing practical advice on weaning diets and special diets.
18. Khatib Polyclinic is also leveraging other forms of technology to provide a seamless care journey for patients. With the new Self-Help Blood Pressure Stations in the clinic, readings will be automatically transmitted to the patients’ records and made readily available during their consultations.
19. In closing, I am confident that Khatib Polyclinic will offer holistic and quality services to residents, from seniors and young families to children and youth, enabling all to live and age well.   
20. Please join me in thanking all NHGP staff and community partners whose hard work has made today’s launch possible.
21. It is now my pleasure to announce the opening of Khatib Polyclinic.

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