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Support available for Singaporeans and foreign spouses seeking IVF treatment

We thank Mr Goh Chee Eng for his feedback (Give Singaporeans and their foreign spouses more support for IVF treatment, Jan 25).

To support couples seeking in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment at public assisted reproduction centres, the Ministry of Health provides eligible couples with co-funding of up to 75 per cent of the cost of the assisted reproduction technology treatment, including IVF.

The amount of co-funding varies according to the citizenship of the couple and the type of cycle. A Singaporean with a foreign spouse seeking IVF treatment can receive up to 35 per cent in co-funding. Couples can also tap their MediSave to defray the costs.

Teh Shi-Hua
Director (Subsidy and Subvention)
Healthcare Finance Group
Ministry of Health

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