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Total compensation for Singaporean nurses

Name and Constituency of Member of Parliament
Mr Leon Perera
MP for Aljunied GRC

Question No. 2664

To ask the Minister for Health given the commitment to strengthen the Singaporean core in the nursing profession, whether the Government will review the total compensation of Singaporean nurses to bring it more in line with nursing wages in developed countries.

Oral Answer

In setting salaries of most occupations, the salient consideration is the conditions of the local labour market, while taking in consideration the international market, if relevant. In that regard, MOH regularly reviews the salaries of nurses and other healthcare staff to ensure market competitiveness. Nurse salaries take into account both local and global references.

As I mentioned yesterday in my COS speech, in 2021, we enhanced nursing salaries in the public healthcare sector by 5% to 14%, to be implemented over two years, including one tranche that will be given out this year. We had also increased funding support to the community care sector to ensure that nurse salaries in the community care sector remain competitive as well.

Beyond base salaries, nurses also receive the Nurse Special Payment (NSP) in December every year. The NSP quantum is reviewed annually to ensure nursing pay remains attractive.

Through competitive salaries and non-monetary means, we will ensure that nursing remains a viable career prospect for Singaporeans.

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