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Ultra-portable AMD laptop -HP ProBook 435 G7

Image Source HP

If you’re looking for a new laptop, look no further – HP’s got you sorted. It’s got a vast range of great machines, including the impressive ProBook 435 G7.

With a brilliant 13-inch display and an AMD chip powering inside, this is a laptop that’s perfect for almost anyone’s needs, whether professional or personal.


When you opt for a 13-inch screen like the one used by the ProBook 435 G7, you get a few benefits, but one of the critical factors is portability. It’s the screen size that we prefer for a personal laptop, ensuring that it’s a super useful productivity device, but one that’s also perfect for watching TV or movies. Furthermore, the laptop weight at 1.45kg, making it one of the lighter computers you’ll find with the quality of components that it’s able to offer. 

Ultra-fast with AMD

At the heart of the ProBook 435 G7’s success, though, is HP’s increasingly fruitful partnership with the processor masters at AMD. That collaboration sees the 435 use an AMD chip of your choosing to power its processes and multi-tasking.

The starting version of the laptop packs a brilliant AMD Ryzen 3 4300U chip that’s perfect for juggling multiple programs at once and ensuring that you don’t feel lag while switching between them. It also brings AMD Radeon Vega integrated graphics, letting you play games and run imaging programs more efficiently.

For more processing power, you can upgrade that CPU to either a Ryzen 5 or a Ryzen 7, both of which offer a chunky upgrade in performance terms but don’t add too much to the laptop’s cost.


Another of the secrets to the ProBook 435 G7’s success lies in a design choice that makes it even better and more adaptable to the changing requirements of modern digital life – a 360-degree, robust hinge paired with a touchscreen.

This option means that the laptop is more of a two-in-one – you can position its screen however you like, including folding it back to lie flat against the keyboard, letting it become a tablet that you control by touch. There’s nothing quite like the freedom to swivel it to whatever position you like, whether you’re reviewing a presentation for work or lounging in bed on Netflix.

Make it your own

As with many of HP’s laptops, one of the elements that make the ProBook 435 G7 so attractive is that you can customise many aspects of its construction when you make your purchase.

For example, you might want to double the onboard SSD storage from 256GB to 512GB, grabbing yourself some extra room if you know that you’ve got a lot of chunky files to store or a photo archive to move. Equally, you could up the RAM from 8GB to 16GB, or even cut it down to 4GB if you know what you’ll be using the laptop for and aren’t concerned with blazing speeds, capturing some savings in the process.

The same goes for a keyboard without or with backlighting, a second webcam on the back of the screen and a fingerprint scanner to unlock your device – all they are entirely up to you and any you don’t want will see the price go down.

You can build you own configuration by heading to the HP Store and checking out with the laptop, although you can also, of course, use the opportunity to find out more about every aspect of the computer – we think you’ll like what you see.

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