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Up to 30 can attend wakes, funerals at any point in time

6th Aug 2020

We thank Mr Tan Hao Yang for his letter (Reconsider revised capacity limits for funerals, Aug 1).

The Multi-Ministry Taskforce takes a careful, calibrated approach to resuming activities in Phase Two of the re-opening. As we ease restrictions on key life events, we must continue to limit our total risk exposure so that we can keep community transmission low while resuming key activities.

From Aug 4, each wedding couple will be allowed up to 50 attendees (including the couple) at their marriage solemnisations. The couple may also hold one wedding reception with up to 50 attendees in total, for the entire duration of the event. This is also limited to venues that are permitted to serve food and drinks, such as restaurants and hotels, and subject to their capacity limit based on safe management principles.
Solemnisations at other designated venues will continue to take place with up to 10 attendees. All other wedding-related activities must still adhere to prevailing gathering size limits.

We recognise that the passing of a loved one is an emotionally difficult period for the families involved. From Aug 4, the gathering size limit for wakes and funerals will be increased to 30 persons at any point in time, up from the previous limit of 20. At a wake, relatives and friends may come and go at different times over the course of the wake, hence this revised gathering size limit will facilitate more than 30 individuals to pay their last respects, so long as the number of people present does not exceed 30 at any point in time.

The taskforce will continue to monitor the situation and adjust prevailing guidelines to enable the safe and gradual resumption of key social and economic activities. We urge Singaporeans to adhere to the spirit of the safe distancing measures, while adjusting to the new normal, so that we can continue to protect our family and loved ones as much as possible.

Elizabeth Quah
Group Director, Planning Group
Ministry of Health

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