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     The Multi-Ministry Taskforce has been closely monitoring the local and global COVID-19 situation and regularly reviews Singapore’s border measures to manage the risk of importation from travellers and onward local transmission, taking into account the current situation in their source countries/ regions. We will be tightening our border measures in Australia and Jiangsu Province, Mainland China.

Travellers from Australia to serve 14-day SHN at dedicated SHN facilities

2.     As there has been a recent increase in cases reported by Australia, all travellers entering Singapore from 2 August 2021, 2359 hours, with travel history in the past 21 days to Australia will be subjected to a 14-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN) at dedicated SHN facilities. Travellers will also be allowed to apply to opt out1 of dedicated SHN facilities before arrival and serve their 14-day SHN at their place of residence, if they fulfil the following criteria: 

a) Travelled to no other country/region other than Australia2, in the last consecutive 21 days immediately prior to entry into Singapore; and 

b) Are occupying their place of residence (i.e. residential address) alone, or only with household members who are also persons serving SHN with the same travel history and duration of SHN. 

3.     Travellers will be required to present a valid negative COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test taken within 72 hours before departure for Singapore. Travellers who arrive in Singapore without a valid negative test may be denied entry into Singapore. Permanent Residents (PRs) and long-term pass holders who fail to comply with the new requirement may have their permit or pass cancelled. Beyond the 14-day SHN, travellers will be subjected to the following tests:

a) On-arrival PCR test3 and PCR test on Day 14 of arrival; and
b) Self-administered ART test on Day 3, 7 and 11 of arrival4.  

Travellers from Jiangsu Province, Mainland China to Serve a 7-Day SHN at Place of Residence

4.     We had earlier announced that travellers from Mainland China will be allowed to go about their activities in Singapore, without a need to serve SHN, if their on-arrival COVID-19 PCR test results are negative.

5.     Given the increased cases observed in Jiangsu province, we will be tightening border control measures for travellers with travel history to Jiangsu province. 

6.     From 2 August 2021, 2359 hours

a) Singapore Citizens (SCs), Permanent Residents (PRs) and Long-Term Pass holders entering Singapore with travel history to Jiangsu province, Mainland China within the last 21 days before departure for Singapore, will be subject to an on-arrival COVID-19 PCR test, a 7-day SHN at their place of residence and a COVID-19 test before the end of the SHN period.

b) Short-term travellers holding an Air Travel Pass (ATP) with travel history to Jiangsu province, Mainland China within the last 21 days before departure for Singapore, will not be allowed to enter Singapore.

7.     All other travellers departing from Mainland China who have been in Mainland China (excluding Jiangsu province) in the last 21 days prior to travel will continue to be subject to a COVID-19 test upon arrival at the airport in lieu of their SHN.  

8.     As the global situation evolves, we will continue to adjust our border measures to manage the risk of importation and transmission to the community. Any changes to border measures will be updated on the SafeTravel website

31 JULY 2021

1 Singapore Citizens and PRs may apply to opt out of dedicated SHN facilities via, 3 days before arrival. Other travellers may apply for opt-out during the entry application process. 

2 Including the following countries/regions: Brunei Darussalam, Hong Kong, Israel, Macao, Mainland China, New Zealand and Taiwan.  (correct as of 31 July 2021).

3 To expedite the COVID-19 PCR test at the checkpoints, travellers are strongly encouraged to register and pre-pay for their on-arrival COVID-19 PCR test prior to departing for Singapore at (for Changi Airport) and (for Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal).

4 Only applies to travellers serving SHN in dedicated SHN facilities.

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