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Updates on Border Measures for Travellers from United Kingdom and New South Wales, Australia

            The Multi-Ministry Taskforce has been closely monitoring the global COVID-19 situation and will be tightening border measures given the deteriorating situation in the United Kingdom, and resurgence in the number of COVID-19 cases in New South Wales (NSW), Australia.

Travellers from NSW to serve 7-Day SHN at Place of Residence

2.             We had earlier announced that travellers from Australia are allowed to undergo a COVID-19 PCR test upon arrival, and if the PCR test result is negative, they will be allowed to go about their activities in Singapore, without a need to serve a Stay-Home Notice (SHN).

3.             Given the increased cases observed in NSW, we will be tightening border control measures for travellers with travel history to New South Wales (NSW), Australia. From 23 December 2020, 2359 hours:

a.    All travellers departing from Australia will be required to declare their travel history at airline check-in prior to their flight to Singapore.

b.    Singapore Citizens (SCs), Permanent Residents (PRs) and Long-Term Pass holders entering Singapore with travel history to NSW, Australia within the last 14 days before departure for Singapore, will be subject to a 7-day SHN at their place of residence with a COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test before the end of the SHN period.

c.     Short-term travellers holding an Air Travel Pass with travel history to NSW, Australia, within the last 14 days before departure for Singapore, will not be allowed to enter Singapore.

4.             All other travellers departing from Australia who have been in Australia (excluding NSW) in the last 14 days prior to travel will continue to be subject to a COVID-19 test upon arrival at the airport, in lieu of their SHN. 

Restricting Travel from United Kingdom

5.             Travellers with travel history to the UK within 14 days prior to departure to Singapore are currently required to serve a 14-day SHN at dedicated SHN facilities. Travellers who are not SCs or PRs are also required to take a COVID-19 PCR test within 72 hours before departure and present a valid negative COVID-19 test result as a condition of approval to enter Singapore.

6.             There have been recent reports of a potentially more contagious strain of the COVID-19 virus circulating in the UK. Officials within the UK are also concerned about this new virus and have put in place more stringent restrictions, including imposing a new lockdown in London. To reduce the risk of spread to Singapore, we are putting in place new border restrictions for travellers from UK for further precaution. From 23 December 2020, 2359 hours, until further notice:

a.    All long-term pass holders and short-term visitors with recent travel history to the UK within the last 14 days will not be allowed entry into Singapore, or transit through Singapore. This will also apply to all those who had obtained prior approval for entry into Singapore.

b.    Returning SCs and PRs will be required to undergo a COVID-19 PCR test upon arrival in Singapore, at the start of their 14-day SHN.

7.             While the strain has been suggested to be more transmissible, there is currently insufficient evidence to determine if this strain is associated with any change in disease severity, antibody response or vaccine efficacy. These aspects are being investigated by the UK authorities. The Ministry of Health will evaluate the data as it emerges and review our border measures accordingly.

Regular Review of Border Measures

8.             As the global situation evolves, we will continue to adjust our border measures to manage the risk of importation and transmission to the community. Any changes to border measures will be updated on the SafeTravel website. Travellers are advised to visit the website to check for the most updated border measures before entering Singapore and be prepared to be subjected to the prevailing border measures upon entry, including payment for their stay at dedicated SHN facilities, tests and treatment.

9.           All travellers are reminded to accurately declare their travel history. Strict enforcement actions will be taken against false declarations

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