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Use of MediSave has been enhanced and expanded to improve healthcare affordability and support

We thank Mr Tan Keng Min for his letter (“Hoping that Medisave usage limit can be relaxed”, 10 October).


Singaporeans are able to use their MediSave savings to pay for their or their immediate family members’ treatment, up to the prevailing withdrawal limits. In this case, Mr Tan was unable to use further MediSave for his wife, as she had reached the yearly withdrawal limit for Flexi-MediSave. The MediSave withdrawal limits are sized to cater to the majority of subsidised patients, striking a balance between helping Singaporeans afford their current treatments, while ensuring they have sufficient savings for their future healthcare expenses.


We will continue to review our healthcare financing schemes to ensure they remain relevant and adequate for Singaporeans. Singaporeans who face challenges paying their healthcare bills may approach medical social workers in our public healthcare institutions to apply for financial assistance. No one will be denied access to appropriate healthcare due to an inability to pay.


Lydia Loh (Ms)

Director (Finance Policy)

Healthcare Finance Division

Ministry of Health



我们感谢陈先生的投函。 新加坡人能够使用他们的保健储蓄,支付自己或直系亲属的医疗费用,但不得超过现行的提款顶限。以陈先生的情况而言,他无法进一步使用保健储蓄来支付妻子的医药费,因为她已经达到灵活保健储蓄计划(Flexi-Medisave)的年度提取顶限。




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