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Use of MediSave withdrawal limit and Flexi-MediSave Scheme

5th Oct 2020

Name and Constituency of Member of Parliament
Mr Gerald Giam Yean Song
MP for Aljunied GRC

Question No. 101

To ask the Minister for Health in each of the last five years, how many patients reached their annual MediSave withdrawal limit of (i) $500 allowed under the Chronic Disease Management Programme and (ii) $200 allowed under the outpatient Flexi-MediSave scheme.


1        The annual MediSave withdrawal limit for the Chronic Disease Management Programme (CDMP) was raised from $400 to $500 per year in June 2018. In 2019, less than 15% of patients reached the $500 withdrawal limit, most of whom had complex conditions.  To better support patients with complex chronic conditions, we have further increased the withdrawal limit to $700 for those receiving treatments for two or more conditions under the CDMP from 1 Jan 2021 onwards.

2        The age limit for Flexi-MediSave was lowered from 65 to 60 in June 2018. Patients aged 60 and above can withdraw up to a combined total of $200 per year from their own or their spouse’s MediSave accounts under the Flexi-MediSave scheme, for treatments at public Specialist Outpatient Clinics (SOCs), polyclinics, and GP clinics under the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS). This may be used for standalone outpatient expenses, or in conjunction with other outpatient MediSave schemes, such as MediSave for CDMP mentioned above. In 2019, fewer than 2 in 10 of those eligible to use Flexi-MediSave reached the annual $200 limit.

3        We will continue to review the MediSave withdrawal limits regularly, to strike a balance between helping Singaporeans pay for their current healthcare services and retaining sufficient savings for their longer-term needs.  Those who cannot afford their treatment after subsidies and MediSave can approach the medical social workers for MediFund and other financial assistance.

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