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Vaccine Discrimination

Name and Constituency of Member of Parliament
Mr Lim Biow Chuan
MP for Mountbatten

Question No. 1586

To ask the Minister for Health (a) whether the differentiated treatment between vaccinated and unvaccinated residents will cause Singaporeans to be divided; and (b) how can the Government encourage more residents to be vaccinated without dividing the community.

Written Answer

Our assessment is that COVID-19 has brought Singaporeans together to fight the pandemic. The great majority of Singaporeans have observed safe management measures, donned masks, maintained higher standards of personal hygiene, and took their vaccinations.

We are now one of the most highly vaccinated countries in the world, partly due to the various measures we have taken, including standing up mobile vaccination teams, home vaccination teams, and enabling walk-in vaccinations.

However, for various reasons, there remains a minority of individuals who are unvaccinated.  As we transit into a COVID-19 resilient nation, more economic and social activities will resume, which means these individuals are at higher risk of being exposed to the virus and falling severely ill. Hence, it will be more prudent for them not to take part in higher risk activities such as big events, and dining in restaurants in the company of other persons. However, if they really wish to, they can take a pre-event test before participating in these higher risk activities.

For now, the differentiated measures are necessary to keep unvaccinated individuals and vulnerable people in our community safe. As we achieve a very high level of vaccination, reaching or approximating herd immunity, it is possible to remove the differentiated measures.

In the meantime, it is important to continue to explain that these are public health measures to protect unvaccinated individuals, and not let the policy be mistaken or misrepresented as discriminatory.

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