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Launch of Healthier SG Public Consultation

        The Ministry of Health (MOH) will embark on a public consultation from 18 May to 15 August 2022 as part of efforts to involve Singaporeans in shaping the Healthier SG strategy. We invite the public to share their views and suggestions on Healthier SG through an online survey or a series of group engagement sessions. The feedback gathered will be studied and incorporated into a White Paper, which will be tabled in Parliament for debate later this year.

2.      Interested participants can take part in the online survey or register for the engagement sessions on the Healthier SG website at Those who have registered for the engagement sessions will receive a confirmation of their participation via an email from MOH.

3.      A total of five engagement sessions will be held over the next month starting from 26 May 2022. Those who are unable to attend the in-person sessions and prefer the convenience of online engagement can provide their views through the online survey. Details of the engagement sessions are below.




26 May (Thursday)


Khoo Kay Chai Complex, Singapore Polytechnic

1 June (Wednesday)


The POD, National Library Building

6 June (Monday)



The POD, National Library Building

11 June (Saturday)



Khoo Kay Chai Complex, Singapore Polytechnic

15 June (Wednesday)



The POD, National Library Building

4.    Announced at MOH’s Committee of Supply Debate 2022, Healthier SG will help all Singaporeans take steps towards better health. We have built a good healthcare system in Singapore, but we need to focus on better health and quality of life for everyone. The core elements of Healthier SG are:

i) National Healthier SG Enrolment Programme
: Each resident can choose which primary care clinic they wish to enrol to and will be empowered and guided by a family physician to take next steps for better health.

ii)  One Singaporean, One Family Physician: We want to enable a trusted lifelong relationship between each Singaporean and their family physician.

iii)  Accessible and Supportive Care Plans: Seeing a family physician for preventive care is different from occasional acute visits. These regular check-ins will focus on discussing next steps based on an individual’s needs and preferences.

iv)  Integrated Health Ecosystem with Clusters and Community Partners: The healthcare clusters will work towards developing an integrated health ecosystem within each region, with community partners contributing to support for residents’ needs and addressing the influence of social and environmental determinants on their health.

v)  Support Structures: We will work with key stakeholders to ensure that our support structures which include healthcare financing, manpower, data flows, as well as key monitoring indicators, support Healthier SG.

For more information on Healthier SG, please visit or refer to Annex A.

5.    Prior to the start of these public consultations, we have been engaging General Practitioners and the senior management of our healthcare clusters to hear their views, understand their concerns and co-create solutions. We have also conducted more than 100 in-depth one-on-one interviews with residents to understand how different circumstances and experiences may influence their views on Healthier SG.

6.    MOH will continue to engage key healthcare stakeholders including primary care practitioners, insurers and other healthcare professionals over the next few months. We welcome the public and healthcare stakeholders to share their views on Healthier SG with us so that together we can work towards a healthier Singapore population.

18 May 2022

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