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Razer launches the first 13.3-inch ultrabook with a 120Hz display

Razer is keen on billing its Blade Stealth 13 as the “world’s first gaming ultrabook,” and comes with a 120Hz display, which qualifies as the fastest 13.3-inch laptop display on the market.

The bragging right might end up being short-lived, but for now, Razer can boast till its face turns RGB. It’s also part of what makes this latest version the most intriguing yet. The other part is the discrete GPU.

A discrete GPU was not always present on the Blade Stealth 13. The initial version launched in 2016 with integrated graphics, and it stayed that way until last year’s model, which injected an underwhelming GeForce MX150 GPU into the mix as an optional upgrade. 

This year’s model bumps the GPU up to a GeForce GTX 1650 Ti (Max-Q variant). It may not be the fastest discrete GPU option, and it doesn’t have dedicated hardware for real-time ray tracing. However, it still gives the Blade Stealth 13 a new level of graphics performance and is a significant upgrade over the MX150.

Previous models all shipped with a 60Hz display. With anaemic graphics, there was never a need for anything higher. That changes with the bump to a GTX 1650 Ti. And overall, it’s a strong collection of hardware for a machine this thin (0.6 inches) and light (3.11 pounds).

The specifications and lightweight features look promising. That is if you’re willing to spend a premium on an elegant 13.3-inch laptop, at $2,999, can probably get you the performance in other form factors.

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