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Reasons for HPB’s excess Fitness Trackers leading to wastage

Name and Constituency of Member of Parliament
Ms Foo Mee Har
MP for West Coast GRC

Question No. 1048

To ask the Minister for Health (a) what are the planning parameters that HPB used that resulted in 341,000 excess fitness trackers being purchased; (b) what are the reasons why only 120,000 of these fitness trackers are still functioning; and (c) how will HPB be held accountable for this wastage.

Written Answer

In planning for the various seasons of the National Steps Challenge, the Health Promotion Board (HPB) would estimate demand based on past seasons’ trend and projected increases in demand due to the new season’s eligibility criteria. However, this resulted in an over-estimation of the demand, and surplus of 341,000 fitness trackers.

Of the excess fitness trackers, 120,000 remain functional. 48,000 have been used to replace faulty trackers, and those with expired warranties. About 3,000 trackers have also been used to support community partners, companies, and other government agencies in their health and wellness initiatives. The remaining 69,000 functional trackers will continue to be used for similar purposes. Unfortunately, the rest of the excess fitness trackers have been disposed of, as they have exceeded the average useful life or were no longer functional.

HPB has conducted a full review of the matter. It has enhanced the processes for central monitoring of the movement and stocks of fitness trackers. HPB now tracks movement across and at all distribution channels closely on a daily basis to detect signs of excesses building up. Audits and physical stock checks will also be done twice a year instead of annually. Excess inventory from previous years will be counted towards providing trackers for the following year’s activity.

Moving forward, HPB will be more conservative in its projections of the number of fitness trackers to be procured. Any additional purchase of trackers will be done only when excess bookings are received from participants. HPB has also broadened the criteria of replacement for the 1-to-1 exchange and will proactively inform our participants so that they will come forward to exchange the trackers if their trackers are defective.

MOH will closely monitor the implementation of these measures, and work with HPB to determine accountability and the prudent use of resources as we continue with our efforts to encourage Singaporeans to adopt healthier lifestyles.

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