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Update on Cases of Locally Transmitted COVID-19 Infection at Jurong Fishery Port

       MOH is investigating seven cases of infection among individuals at the Jurong Fishery Port as of 16 July 2021. The premises has been closed for deep cleaning till 31 July.

2.    All who worked at the Jurong Fishery Port between 3 July to 16 July have already been placed on quarantine. Special Testing Ops are ongoing for all visitors to the Port during that period. 

3.     However, there has been spread from the Jurong Fishery Port to Hong Lim Market, and there is a  risk of transmission of the virus to other markets. As a precautionary measure, MOH has arranged with the National Environment Agency to test fishmongers from all markets at our test centres and distribute Antigen Rapid Test kits to them, so that they can continue to monitor themselves. Details on this will be released shortly. 

4.     We understand that there is now a rush to buy fish. MOH advises all visitors to the wet markets to avoid crowds and to do your marketing during off-peak hours, or at supermarkets. Please be mindful of safe management measures, by keeping a 1-metre distance from one another and wearing your masks properly while marketing.

17 JULY 2021

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