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                To date, over 400,000 residents have enrolled in Healthier SG, and the programme is progressing well. From early November onwards, we will be inviting the next eligible group of residents aged 40 to 59 years to enrol. To further encourage enrolment, especially amongst the seniors, the Ministry of Health (MOH) will be deploying our Healthier SG Ambassadors to more touchpoints in the community. This will be done progressively from 20 October 2023 and completed by 1 December 2023.

2.             Our Healthier SG Ambassadors deployed at enrolment stations located in Community Centres/Clubs (CCs), Joint Testing and Vaccination Centres (JTVCs) and polyclinics island-wide have played a key part in the successful rollout of Healthier SG. Residents, especially those without access to a mobile device or who require additional assistance to enrol, have received help easily.

3.             With the Healthier SG roadshows concluding in November, we will continue our community outreach efforts by deploying more mobile teams of Healthier SG Ambassadors. These mobile teams will be mainly deployed at the Active Ageing Centres and selected community-level events to assist residents who may face difficulty with self-enrolment or have queries about Healthier SG.

4.             Concurrently, we will streamline the number of Healthier SG enrolment stations in the CCs and JTVCs. From 20 October 2023, the enrolment stations at all nine JTVCs will be discontinued. From 1 December 2023, most enrolment stations in CCs will be closed, and only 17 CCs with heavier demand will continue to host them (refer to Annex A). The enrolment stations will continue at all 22 polyclinics[1]. For the list of enrolment stations from 1 December 2023, please visit

5.             Previously, residents aged 60 and above, as well as those who are 40 to 59 years old with chronic conditions, had to receive an SMS invitation from MOH before enrolling in Healthier SG. With immediate effect, these two eligible groups can proceed without an SMS invitation to any enrolment station to enrol.

6.             As the 40 to 59 years age group is approximately one million residents, a high volume of enrolment may be expected when they are invited. As such, we encourage residents who have already received their SMS invitations, but have yet to enrol, to do so as soon as possible so that they can book their first Heath Plan appointment early. For residents who have yet to receive the SMS invites but keen to enrol, they can request for an SMS invitation to be sent to them by submitting their details at:, or calling the MOH hotline at 6325 9220. Eligible residents who request for an SMS invitation will be able to enrol via the HealthHub app, and need not head to an enrolment station.

16 OCTOBER 2023

[1] This includes all our polyclinics, excluding Bedok, Pasir Ris and Sengkang Polyclinics, which are co-located with CCs at Kampong Chai Chee, Pasir Ris East and Sengkang Central respectively.

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